Consulting Services

MetCorr provides consulting services in corrosion and materials for the oil and gas industry, the pipeline industry and the mining industry.

Dr Bruce Craig,PE

Dr Bruce Craig is the principal and owner of MetCorr and has over 30 years in the consulting field as well as an instructor of university and industry courses on corrosion and metallurgy. Dr Craig's resume and rate sheet for consulting charges are available upon request.

Oilfield Metallurgy and Corrosion

The 3rd Edition of "Oilfield Metallurgy and Corrosion" is available from MetCorr. Please contact MetCorr for price and delivery details

Company Location and Contacts

MetCorr is located in Denver, Colorado and can be reached via email at the address shown at the bottom of this webpage or by telephone at 303-740-6750 or fax at 303-740-6789.

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